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CUA commencement 2021

Department of History: Challenges (and Opportunities) Continue

After the proverbial "year like no other", things moved in the direction of normal in recent months, with students and professors back in the classroom even if masked and distanced under continuing restrictions.  Learn from our Chair, Dr. Michael Kimmage, how we rose to new challenges and recognized new opportunities.  Read the chair's letter

Alumni profiles: Beyond the B.A.

In this issue of our newsletter, we salute alumni who earned their B.A. degrees with us, and went on to graduate study, in a range of different fields.  Read their profiles to learn how their History majors prepared them.

jose castellon gutierrez

José Castellón Gutiérrez, B.A. 2020
Master’s degree student in Government, International, and Comparative (MAGIC) History,
Georgetown University, Washington, DC
"My undergraduate history program taught me how to engage with sources in interesting and nuanced ways."
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Rebecca McCarron
Rebecca McCarron, B.A. 2017
M.St., History, Oxford University, 2018
M.S., Arts Administration and Museum Leadership, Drexel University, 2020

Philadelphia History Museum Project, Philadelphia, PA
"Catholic University's Department of History taught each of its students to be flexible and creative in our approach to studying history."
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Luke McGuire

Luke McGuire, B.A. (History and Politics) 2015
J.D., Harvard Law School, 2018
Law Clerk, U.S. Court of Appeals, San Francisco, CA
“The history department was always collaborative, and I’ve found that both law school and law practice are best played as team sports."
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Laura Poppiti

Laura Poppiti, B.A. 2004
M.A., Exhibition & Museum Studies, San Francisco Art Institute, 2009
Program Director, Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI), San Francisco, CA
“I remember a senior at the time calling Junior Seminar ‘boot camp for History majors.’  That set me up for the rigor of academic scholarship at the graduate level, and frankly, the demands of full-time work."
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Owen Whooly

Owen Whooley, B.A. (History and Sociology) 2002
M.A., Boston College 2004
Ph.D., New York University 2010
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
"Somewhat ironically, my history training at Catholic University had more impact on the actual work I do as a sociologist than my sociology courses."
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Yes, Washington is Still "Internship City"
(and Covid has not Interrupted That)



Learn about the wide-ranging internship opportunities our students have had recently!
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