Catholic University’s Department of History is a community of scholars – professors, graduate students, and undergraduates – dedicated to their passion for the past, for discovery, and for collaborative learning.

History has been part of Catholic University since almost the beginning of the university’s own history.  The department’s experiences over the decades have mirrored those of the university, of Washington, and of the nation and the world.  Now well into its second century, the department remains true to its core mission and Catholic University’s, reflecting its commitment to the best professional standards of history in academia and a particular dedication to studying the history of religious life in all times and places.

The department is proud of its human scale, its culture of open doors and easy access, and its spirit of active engagement between faculty and students.  It is equally proud of the award-winning historians who have taught in the department through the decades, and of the students it has sent on to success along pathways too numerous to count.