The Department of History offers joint degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in collaboration with other departments and schools of the university.

For undergraduate students, we offer a special combined bachelor of arts degree in History and Secondary Education in collaboration with the Department of Education; a five-year joint B.A./M.A. in History; a six-year joint B.A./J.D. program with the law school; and a five-year B.A./M.S.L.S. program with the Department of Library and Information Science.

Undergraduate students interested in these programs must be aware that course planning for them must begin very early in their undergraduate careers and applications are required. Contact the department's Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Árpád von Klimó, for more details.

For graduate students, the History Department has partnered with the Department of Library and Information Science to offer a combined M.A./M.S.L.S. joint degree program, with the Department of Education to offer a combined M.A./M.A. in History and Secondary Education, and with the Columbus School of Law to offer a combined M.A./J.D. degree program. Contact the department's Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Lev Weitz, for more details.

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    Joint B.A./M.A.

    This joint program allows students to deepen their study of history, and to earn the two degrees in five years.

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    History and Secondary Education (B.A., B.A./M.A.)

    These joint programs prepare students for careers as middle-school and high-school Social Studies teachers.

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    History and Secondary Education (M.A./M.A.)

    Professional training in secondary education plus graduate-level historian's skills perpares students for enriching careers. 

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    History and Library Science (M.A./M.S.L.I.S.)

    Combining historical skills with library and information science training equips students to succeed in a range of library, archival, and cultural heritage careers.

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    History and Library Science (B.A./M.S.L.I.S.)

    This joint program allows students to complete a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in library and information science in five years.

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    History and Law (B.A./J.D.)

    This joint program allows students to complete both a bachelor’s degree in history and a J.D. in law within six years.

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    History and Law (M.A./J.D.)

    Understanding the historical context in which law has developed enriches any lawyer’s ability to advocate effectively.

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