Many alumni of the Department of History stay connected to the department as they pursue their professional careers. Their stories inspire current students who aspire to further studies in history or to use the skills they gained through the study of history in a wide range of career paths.

The Catholic University of America Alumni Association has chapters around the country that serve to strengthen connections among alumni. Alumni Association chapters and groups also provide career and life experience networking opportunities; promote life-long learning through educational events; and assist the Office of Admission by recruiting the next generation of Catholic University students.

We invite alumni to support the students in the Department of History by assisting with internship and employment opportunities. Learn how you can help through our Career Services office. You also can support our department in the form of a financial contribution through our Alumni and Advancement office.

Please contact a member of the Division of University Advancement to learn how you can contribute to the continued success of the Department of History:

  • Wade Stokes - Assistant Dean of Advancement, Arts & Sciences: 202-319-6885 or
  • Ryan Kehoe - Assistant Director, Leadership Annual Giving: 202-319-6041 or
History alumni

Alumni Stories

Alumni of the Department of History can be found almost anywhere in almost any career.

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