The location of our university in the nation's capital enriches the study of history in ways that go far beyond the obvious benefits for those who specialize in U.S. history.

Washington, D.C., is a city of global consequence that offers resources on a global scale. Our connections with embassies, libraries, museums, archives, and international academic and cultural organizations give our students unparalleled access to research opportunities, documents, artifacts and experts whose specialties span a broad scope of history.

At all levels – undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral – Washington offers many opportunities for internships and other real-world experiences, and our alumni achieve a wide variety of D.C.-based careers: in business and government, media and technology, non-profits, and libraries and public history.   On the doctoral level, for example, a higher proportion of our recent Ph.D. alumni work in service to the nation – as public historians in executive-branch or military historical offices, or as analysts or managers for the federal government – than almost any other history doctoral program can boast.

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