Images of faculty on TV
The Department of History's faculty do not limit themselves to classrooms, monographs, or research journals.  They frequently share their expertise with wider audiences, and find themselves in demand for commentary and interviews on television, presentations in policy-related forums, and public lectures and discussions.  The list below is a selection of our faculty's video appearances in recent years.  Want to learn more about any number of historical issues from our own professors?  Click on any entry to watch.
Catholic University visual branding Learn more about "The 2020 White House Race and the Impact of the Electoral College", from an online panel discussion of Catholic University Arts and Sciences faculty including Stephen West, sponsored by CUOnline, 30 September 2020
medieval academy of america logo Watch Jennifer Paxton (her presentation begins at about 33:40) as she contributes to a webinar about Para-Academic Work, hosted by the Medieval Academy of America, 8 September 2020
logo National History Center Join Laura Mayhall for a roundtable webinar to discuss David Reynolds's new book, Island Stories: An Unconventional History of Britain, at the National History Center, 3 August 2020
logo ewtn Catch Stephen West discussing the debate over Confederate monuments for EWTN Nightly News, 14 July 2020
logo hudson institute

Watch “The Once and Future West: A Discussion” with Michael Kimmage for the Hudson Institute, 1 July 2020

logo monterey symposium

Get some insight into writing about Russia from Michael Kimmage at the Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia, 25 June 2020

logo cua Gain some “Perspectives on the Pandemic: What History, Politics, and Math Teach Us about COVID-19” from the first-ever School of Arts and Sciences faculty webinar, with a panel including L.R. Poos, 4 June 2020
logo hauenstein center Watch Michael Kimmage discuss his book, The Abandonment of the West: The History of an Idea in American Foreign Policy, with the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies, 13 May 2020
logo german marshall fund Another discussion of The Abandonment of the West with Michael Kimmage, for the German Marshall Fund, 30 April 2020
logo national park service Join Stephen West for a discussion of the 15th Amendment with a National Park Service ranger at The Reconstruction Era National Historical Park, 20 April 2020
logo cua Follow Lev Weitz through “Monks and Muslims in Medieval Egypt: A Research Trail from Cairo to the Library of Congress”, a presentation at Catholic University's Research Day, 21 April 2020
logo institute humane studies Learn about “A Revolutionary History: Latin American Migrations to the United States” with Julia Young at the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University, 2 April 2020
logo kennan institute Tune in to a book launch of A Kennan for Our Times: Revisiting America’s Greatest 20th Century Diplomat in the 21st Century, including commentary by Michael Kimmage, one of the book’s co-editors, at the Kennan Institute of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 28 October 2019
logo cspan Watch Jerry Muller discuss his book, The Tyranny of Metrics, on C-SPAN, 8 March 2018
logo pbs newshour Catch commentary by Laura Mayhall on the second season of the Netflix series “The Crown” on PBS Newshour, 8 December 2017
logo john carroll university Learn about “Luther and the German Princes” from a lecture by Nelson Minnich, in the Tuohy Lecture series at John Carroll University, 1 November 2017
logo ipr Engage with “How Catholics Should Respond to the Alt-Right,” from a panel including Julia Young, hosted by the Institute for Policy Research at the Catholic University of America, 23 February 2017
logo ohio university libraries Watch Ronald Calinger discuss his book, Leonhard Euler: Mathematical Genius in the Enlightenment, Ohio University Libraries’ series Authors @Alden, 12 April 2016
logo wjla Learn the reasons we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day from Jennifer Paxton on “Good Morning Washington”, WJLA TV, 17 March 2016
german flag Reflect upon "25 Years of German Unity" with a panel discussion including Árpád von Klimó, co-sponsored by the German Information Center of Washington, 4 December 2015.
logo kluge center View “Migration, Asylum, and the Role of the State: Defining Boundaries, Redefining Borders”, a panel including Julia Young as part of her tenure as a Kluge Fellow at the John W. Kluge Center of the Library of Congress, 12 November 2015
logo cspan Hear Stephen West on “Freedom after the Civil War” in “Era of Civil War and Reconstruction” on C-SPAN, 5 November 2015
logo foreign policy research institute Watch Lev Weitz speak about religious minorities in the modern Middle East at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, 17 October 2015
logo national book festival Join Julia Young at the 2015 National Book Festival, as she speaks as part of the Kluge Center Panel about her book, Mexican Exodus: Emigrants, Exiles and Refugees of the Cristero War, 5 September 2015
logo national archives Watch Jennifer Paxton discuss “Magna Carta and the Constitution” at the National Archives, 15-16 June 2015
logo cspan Learn about “Catholic and Immigrant Labor” from a panel including Maria Mazzenga on C-SPAN, 12 March 2015
logo cspan Listen to Timothy Meagher, part of a panel on “Catholics and National Immigration Policy” on C-SPAN, 12 March 2015
logo cspan Engage with “Catholic Culture and Religious Life” from a panel including Julia Young on C-SPAN, 12 March 2015
logo cspan Join Jerry Muller for a discussion of his book, Capitalism and the Jews, on C-SPAN, 24 January 2014
logo cspan Join Michael Kimmage for a discussion of his book, The Conservative Turn: Lionel Trilling, Whittaker Chambers, and the Lessons of Anti-Communism, on C-SPAN, 24 January 2014
logo catholic worker Learn about the Renaissance credit organizations known as montes pietatis (piles of piety) set up to avoid the problem of usury from a lecture by Nelson Minnich, for the Catholic Workers' Educational Program, 2011