Where can you go in history?
Just about anywhere!

In Catholic University’s Department of History, students follow their passion for learning about the past, while developing valuable skills in historical research, analysis, and writing.  The undergraduate history program is designed so that students study a wide variety of times and places, from “Medieval Japan” to “The History of the Present”, from Alexander the Great to Latin American revolutions, and a wide range of approaches, from religious, to intellectual, to political, to cultural and social history.  Our history courses are small, interactive and innovative, taught by faculty dedicated to conveying the excitement of discovery, of interrogating the record of the past in all its forms.

Students who want to study history have a wide range of options.  The major leads to many career possibilities, while the minor provides an excellent complement to many other liberal arts subjects.  History majors can take advantage of joint programs that allow them to earn the B.A. along with an M.A., an M.S.L.I.S., a master’s in education, or a J.D. in law on an accelerated basis.  The history major meshes extremely well with the University Honors Program, and affords many opportunities to conduct original research using the rich resources of the Washington, D.C. area.