Minoring in history is the perfect complement to any major.  Adding history adds context and meaning to any other liberal-arts major, while majors in professional subjects will add valuable diversification as well as research and analytical writing skills to their résumés.

History minors are eligible to participate in internships-for-credit, research apprenticeships, junior research seminars, and other departmental opportunities.  For more information on the History minor, please contact the department's Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS), Dr. Árpád von Klimó.

Students who are considering a History minor are encouraged to pick up and return the minor declaration form, which can be found in the undergraduate office of the School of Arts and Sciences (McMahon 107).  There is no penalty for declaring a minor and failing to finish it, but, alternately, if we know (because you submitted your paperwork) that you are on your way to a minor, then we can send you information (on internships and events) and consider you for admission to the history honors society, Phi Alpha Theta. 

A minor in History requires any six HIST courses.  Up to four HSHU courses and up to two AP courses can be counted towards the History minor.