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Department of History: A year like no other

In the spring of 2020, our students and faculty faced unprecedented circumstances, which continue into the 2020-2021 academic year.  Learn from our Chair, Dr. Michael Kimmage, how we turned challenges into opportunities, and learned from each other in new ways.  Read the chair's letter

Alumni profiles: It's all about education

In this issue of our newsletter, we salute alumni who work in education: as teachers, leaders, and advocates.  Each has a story to tell about how studying history formed part of their vocation.

    • Rashaun Martin

      Rashaun Martin, B.A. 2001 Educators of Color Cultivation and Retention Specialist,

      Boston Public Schools, Boston MA

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    • Sarah Spalding
      Sarah Spalding, M.A. 2008, Ph.D. 2013


      Assistant Dean, School of Business and Technology,
      Marymount University, Boston MA

      "My role as an academic administrator uses my ability to synthesize information, use evidence to make decisions, and communicate these ideas to colleagues across campus: all skills that I honed in the history department. ”
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    • Michael Bates
      Michael Bates, B.A. 1993

      President, Notre Dame Schools, Chardon OH

      “'How do you shape your lens on the world and what informs that shaping?  What is your paradigm?' These are probably the most important questions I pursued in the history department at Catholic University."
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    • Ursula Herz
      Ursula Herz, M.A. 1998 Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life,
      Washington College, Chestertown MD

      "I am asked this question often and always at any job interview, 'How does a history degree help you in Residential Life?' Simply put, history studies what people did and why they did it: it’s the study of people, but in the past."

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    • Paul Smith
      Paul Smith, B.A. 1993 President, Education Reform Advocates LLC, Baltimore MD

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Department of History highlights, 2019-2020

Awards and distinctions for our faculty, undergraduate history majors, and graduate students; unveiling a new digital presence; alumni news; and more!  Read the highlights

What's on your bookshelf?

We asked our history professors for recommendations for the most interesting books they’ve read recently and would suggest to anyone interested in history.  Have a look at what they’ve come up with – we think they’ll intrigue you!  See the recommendations