Selected Publications

Jennifer Paxton, “Lords and Monks: Creating an Ideal of Noble Power in Monastic Chronicles”, in Robert F. Berkhofer III, Alan Cooper, and Adam J. Costo, ed., The Experience of Power in Medieval Europe, 950-1350 (Ashgate, 2005), 227-36

Jennifer Paxton, “Textual Communities in the English Fenlands: A Lay Audience for Monastic Chronicles?” Anglo-Norman Studies 26 (2004 for 2003), 123-37

Jennifer Paxton, “Forging Communities: Memory and Identity in Post-Conquest England,” Haskins Society Journal 10 (2002 for 2001), 95-109

Jennifer Paxton, “Monks and Bishops: The Purpose of the Liber Eliensis,” Haskins Society Journal 11 (2003 for 1998), 17-30

Jennifer Paxton, “The Book of Ely,” in T. F. Head, ed., Medieval Hagiography: A Sourcebook (Garland, 2000), 459-94.

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