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Things are really moving for the department 

In the past year, the Department of History moved to a new home, instituted a new careers forum for undergraduate history majors, and had its usual full slate of events and achievements. Read about these changes in the Department Chair’s letter from Professor Katherine Jansen.

In this newsletter, we share stories about international alumni, our newest professor, and the year in highlights.



Why study history? These five alumni live and work outside the United States and trace their success to studying history at The Catholic University of America.

Peter Dahlen

Peter Dahlen Peter Dahlen, B.A. 1990, J.D. 1995
Managing director, American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden
“Studying history at Catholic University provided me with a well-rounded education and a firm foundation. My professors challenged me and concomitantly ignited my curiosity — and that curiosity has never been slaked.” Read more.


Tara Peterman

Tara Peterman Tara Peterman, B.A. 1990, M.A. 1994
Executive producer, RTÉ Ireland
“CUA’s history program challenged me in ways I now appreciate. I still remember this stinging criticism — ‘your writing does not do your thoughts justice’ — from one of my favorite professors, written across the top of an early history paper.” This turned out to be an influential comment in her academic career, one which she still recalls from time to time in her professional life. Read more.



Jennifer Butler Jennifer Butler, M.A. 2007, M.S.L.S. 2007
Librarian and teacher, Hungary
“I experienced a sense of community at Catholic University that I haven’t known, previously or since, at state universities. One of my first encounters after arriving on campus was with an undergraduate student, who explained that participation in community service was part of their program. I recently returned pick up transcripts and was happy to learn that the friendly and caring kindness I had known continues as The Catholic University of America’s culture.” Read more.



Jeremy Bonner Jeremy Bonner, Ph.D. 2001
Independent scholar, Durham, U.K.; formerly Michael Ramsey Fellow in Anglican Studies, University of Durham
“One feature of life in the Catholic University history department in my day that has remained with me over the years was its essentially collegial character. In an academic world that is increasingly market-driven, it is cheering to look back on a time when the study of history still seemed to be an end in itself. I hope that such a spirit endures, while students, faculty and even buildings change.” Read more.



Clayton Russell Clayton Russell B.A. 1997
Teacher, United Arab Emirates
“Catholic University and the history department have truly influenced my career track and assisted me with needed skills within my current profession.” Read more.




Sam’s historical interests are in early America and the North Atlantic world in the early-modern period. “I’m really excited to be coming to a department where I’ll have the opportunity to contribute not only in American history but also in British and Irish history too,” Sam says. “It’s not always easy to fit in as a comparativist, but I feel right at home here.” Read more.


2016–2017 HIGHLIGHTS

Our faculty, staff, and students make extraordinary contributions to the study of history. Associate Professor Julia Young won the 2017 Paul J. Foik, C.S.C., Award for Best Book on the Catholic Southwest; Daniel Cooley, B.A. 2017, won the 2017 John T. Farrell Prize for the highest GPA among history majors; and athletes Bridget Power, B.A. 2017, and Joe Prego, B.A. 2017, were named to the Landmark Conference Academic Honor Roll.

Read our full 2016–2017 highlights. Congratulations to everyone on a successful, fulfilling year!