A shortened version of Erica Fuller's senior thesis was published in the May 2017 journal History Matters: "The Sylvia Likens Case and the Transformation of Media Coverage of Child Abuse in America."

Samuel Gadway published his junior research paper in Inventio 2 (2017): "'Per omne fas ac nefas, secuti sunt': Interrogative Torture in the Tudor Dynasty."

Caitlin Monaco published her senior thesis in Inventio 1 (2016): "'Whoever Comes After Us Will Find Nothing': Great Britain's Role in the Allied Fight against Nazi Art Theft and Acquisition."

Mark Strycula published his senior thesis in Inventio 1 (2016): "Deep Attacking the Enemy: AirLand Battle, the 101st Airborne Division, and Operation Desert Storm."

Clare Hennigan published her senior thesis research in Washington History (Spring 2016): "The 'Last Ditch' of Oppression: Charles Sumner and Public Schools in the District of Columbia."