The History Department's Graduate Studies HandbookPDF-logo.pngprovides detailed information about all the department's programs and procedures.  Current and prospective students should be aware that Catholic University's campus-wide policies regarding graduate study are to be found in its Graduate Announcements and its Graduate Studies Policies.

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the Graduate Programs
  • Graduate Faculty

Admission and Financial Aid
  • Admission
  • Graduate Financial Aid
  • Teachers at Catholic Schools

Courses and Programs of Study

  • History 601
  • Other Courses
  • History 603
  • History 795
  • Independent Studies
  • Grading and Evaluation
  • Washington Area Research University Consortium
  • Continuous Registration


The M.A. Program

  • M.A. in History
  • M.A. in Religion and Society in the Late Medieval and Early Modern World
  • Joint History/Library and Information Science (M.A./M.S.L.I.S.)
  • Joint History/Secondary Education (MA/MA)
  • Joint History/Law (M.A./J.D.)

The Ph.D. Program

  • Program Overview
  • Colloquy
  • Language Requirement
  • Comprehensive Examiniations
  • Candidacy
  • The Dissertation Proposal
  • Time Limits and Continuous Registration
  • Writing the Dissertation
  • Completion of the Dissertation


Teaching Assistantships

Department Events

  • Department Colloquia
  • Professionalization Workshops
  • Graduate Student Writing Workshops
  • Pedagogy Discussions
  • Graduate Student Seminars
  • Student/Faculty Book Club
  • When I was your age ...

Research and Travel Abroad

  • General Fellowship and Grant Opportunities
  • Fellowship and Grant Opportunities for U.S. History
  • Fellowship and Grant Opportunities for Medieval and Modern European History


  • On-campus Resources
  • Off-campus Resources

M.A. Comprehensive Reading Lists

The Department of History maintains standard reading lists for the M.A. degree in the following fields of concentration, and reviews and updates those lists frequently.  Students in the M.A. programs should consult the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), Dr. Stephen West, for the pertinent lists.
  • M.A. Comps List: U.S. History
  • M.A. Comps List: Medieval History
  • M.A. Comps List: Religion and Society in the Late Medieval and Early Modern World
  • M.A. Comps List: Modern European History