June 30, 2023
graduate student awards to Michelle Datiles and Austin Powell

Congratulations to two of our medieval doctoral students – one a recent graduate, the other ABD – who have received major recognition and support from national scholarly associations for their research work.

Austin Powell (Ph.D. 2020; Postdoctoral Scholar in Classics, The University of California at Davis) has received the Hagiography Society’s annual article prize for “Manuscript miscellanies, Jerome’s letters to women, and the Dominican Observant reform in fifteenth-century Italy”, Renaissance Quarterly 74 (2021).  The Hagiography Society promotes research into holy people and their cults in all eras, cultures, and religious traditions.

Jeanne Michelle Datiles (Ph.D. Candidate) has received a Summer Research Grant from the American Catholic Historical Association, which will support travel for research in archives in the United Kingdom during the summer of 2023 toward her dissertation, “Sisters of the north: Kinship, religion, and memory and the women of Catholic Yorkshire, 1553-1642”.  Michelle had previously also won grants to support her research from the Cosmos Club (Cosmos Scholars Award) and the Graduate Student Association (GSA) of Catholic University.

The History Department salutes the outstanding research work of our graduate students past and present!