November 11, 2021
Black and German roundtable

Department of History co-hosts roundtable discussion as part of German Campus Weeks

On 26 October, as part of this year’s German Campus Weeks, generously sponsored by the German Embassy in Washington, DC, CUA’s Department of History, together with the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, and supported by the Center of Cultural Engagement and the Black Students Association, hosted a panel on the experiences and perspectives of People of Color in Germany and Austria.  The panel was a roundtable discussion entitled “Black and German: Afro-German Lives and Perspectives 2021”.

Moderated by history professor Árpád von Klimó, the guest speakers were Alice Hasters, prominent German journalist (Deutschlandfunk Nova), blogger, podcaster and activist, known for her best-selling book What White People Don’t Want to Hear about Racism but Should Know; Araba Johnston-Arthur, Austrian-born Howard University professor, actress and activist;  and Patrice Poutrus, professor of German history at the University of Erfurt and migration and racism specialist.