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  •  Árpád von Klimó is currently working on editing the Routledge Handbook of Hungarian History which will provide a new introduction on topics such as environmental history, power structures, economy and society, private life, religion and culture throughout the last millennium. It will be based on the work of 30 historians working in Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States.

    His next monograph will be on Soccer. A Global History. In this book, Dr v. Klimó will provide a short introduction into the relationship between the history of Association Football, the roots of the game with its racist and masculinist character in British imperialism, and how it was transformed when it spread over the globe in the course of the 20th and 21st century.

     His most recent book, Remembering Cold Days, was published by the University of Pittsburgh Press in 2018. Dr. von Klimó also co-edited The Routledge History of East Central Europe since 1700, with Irina Livezeanu (University of Pittsburgh), published in 2017.  An updated and completely revised English edition of his book Hungary since 1945 (Routledge) appeared in 2018.

    His latest publications include articles on a transnational historical project focusing on the networks surrounding Cardinal Mindszenty, the head of the Hungarian Catholic Church. This research resulted in two articles, published in Central European History (2021) and in the Catholic Historical Review (2021). Most recently, his article on “The Cult of Our Lady of Fátima—Modern Catholic Devotion in an Age of Nationalism, Colonialism, and Migration“ appeared in 2022 in Religions, an open access journal.

    Dr. v. Klimó serves as Associate Editor of the Hungarian Studies Review and book review editor (Late Modern Europe) for the Catholic Historical Review.

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    Selected Publications

    • Remembering Cold Days

      Remembering Cold Days

      Árpád v. Klimó, Remembering Cold Days: The 1942 Massacre of Novi Sad and Hungarian Politics and Society, 1942-1989 (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018)

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    • Hungary since 1945

      Hungary since 1945

      Árpád v. Klimó, Hungary since 1945 (Routledge, 2018)

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    • Routledge History of East Central Europe since 1700

      Routledge History of East Central Europe since 1700

      Irina Livezeanu and Árpád v. Klimó, ed., The Routledge History of East Central Europe since 1700 (Routledge, 2017)

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    • Rausch und Diktatur

      Rausch und Diktatur

      Malte Rolf and Árpád v. Klimó, ed., Rausch und Diktatur. Inszenierung, Mobilisierung und Kontrolle in totalitären Systemen (Campus, 2006)

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    • Ungarn seit 1945

      Ungarn seit 1945

      Árpád v. Klimó, Ungarn seit 1945 (Verlag Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2006)

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    • Antiamerikanismus im 20. Jahrhundert

      Antiamerikanismus im 20. Jahrhundert

      Jan C. Behrends, Árpád v. Klimó, and Patrice G. Poutrus, ed., Antiamerikanismus im 20. Jahrhundert. Studien zu Ost- und Westeuropa (Dietz-Verlag, 2005)

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    • Nation, Konfession, Geschichte

      Nation, Konfession, Geschichte

      Árpád v. Klimó, Nation, Konfession, Geschichte. Zur nationalen Geschichtskultur Ungarns im europäischen Kontext (1860-1948) (Oldenbourg, 2003)

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    • Staat und Klientel im 19. Jahrhundert

      Staat und Klientel im 19. Jahrhundert

      Árpád v. Klimó, Staat und Klientel im 19. Jahrhundert. Administrative Eliten in Italien und Preußen im Vergleich (1860-1918) (SH-Verlag, 1997)

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