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  • Twentieth-Century Southern U.S. History
  • Seth Smith works on the history of Catholicism in the United States with a particular interest in Catholic identity. His research focuses on the Catholic Church in the rural South during the twentieth century, exploring how the meaning of being Catholic in the region changed as a result of economic modernization caused by the New Deal and World War II as well as Vatican II and the civil rights movement.  His work also examines the ways in which Southern Catholics dealt with sometimes feeling isolated from their church and their neighbors due to their geographic location.  Dr. Smith teaches a variety of undergraduate courses on U.S. religious and cultural history as well as surveys of U.S. and twentieth-century world history.  He is currently the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in the School of Arts and Sciences.

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    Selected Publications

    Seth R. Smith, “Implementing Vatican II in Two Rural, Southern Parishes,” U.S. Catholic Historian 30 (Summer 2012): 93-114.