MIkkaela Bailey, history graduate student

Ph.D. student, Medieval Europe
Late Medieval England, Women’s and Gender History, Digital Public History

Twitter: @Mikkaela_Bailey

B.A., History, Southern Wesleyan University, 2017
M.A., History, Clemson University, 2019


I am interested in the legal and social history of fifteenth-century England. I seek to better understand the roles women filled in society. I am fascinated by the lives people led, especially their everyday lives. Rural parishes, villages, and towns interest me. The household and household economies – especially considering women and the family within them – are part of my current research. Connecting the lived experiences of the past to those living in the present is also of great interest to me. Public History and digital methods for history are important to my work, because I am interested in the ways people engage with historical research. Many of my projects include digital methods of analysis or presentation, such as mapping and the creation of digital exhibits.

Before coming to Catholic University, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in History at Southern Wesleyan University where I completed an Honors Thesis on medieval constitutional history with the support of SCICU grant funding. I also earned a Master of Arts at Clemson University, where I was awarded the Vallmore-Forgett Fellowship in 2018. My thesis was entitled “Relict: Widows and Their Expressions Of Agency Through Personal Piety and Religious Devotion in Fifteenth-Century England.”


Cicely Angleton Graduate Fellowship in Medieval History, The Catholic University of America, 2019-
Vallmore-Forgett Fellowship for language study, 2018
South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities research travel grant, 2016