The following undergraduate courses all qualify as "pre-1800" for the purposes of the History major and minor. If you have a question about whether a non-listed course could qualify, please contact the department's director of undergraduate studies.

HIST 137: The Rise and Fall of Emperors

HIST 139: Monarchy in European History

HIST 201: Medieval Pathways

HIST 205: History of Ancient Greece

HIST 206: History of Ancient Rome

HIST 216: Beyond the ‘Fall’ of Rome

HIST 216A: Medieval England

HIST 221: Early Modern Europe

HIST 223: The History of France

HIST 225A: History of Ireland to 1607

HIST 229: Global Migrations to the New World

HIST 235: Medieval World

HIST 236A: The World of the Crusades

HIST 281: Colonial Latin America

HIST 300: Age of Discovery

HIST 301: Alexander ‘the Great’

HIST 302B: The Post-Roman World

HIST 303: Mediterranean Society and Culture

HIST 304R: Constantine

HIST 305A: Ancient Christian Roots

HIST 306: Women, Sex, Gender in the Middle Ages

HIST 307: Comparative Colonial Systems

HIST 307A: The Catholic Missionary Church in the Americas and Asia, 1500-1800

HIST 308: History of Byzantium

HIST 309: The Rise of Islam

HIST 309B: Ancient Israel in its Near Eastern Context

HIST 309C: Muslims, Christians and Jews in the Medieval Mediterranean

HIST 310: Religion and Society in Medieval Europe

HIST 311: The Crusades

HIST 311B: Gunpowder Empires of Islam

HIST 312: Medieval Japan

HIST 312A: European Law from Antiquity to Napoleon

HIST 313A: Charlemagne and the Birth of Europe

HIST 316: England after the Black Death

HIST 317: Italy in the Age of Dante

HIST 322: Tyrants and Vagabonds

HIST 323: The Renaissance

HIST 325: Europe in the Reformation Era

HIST 328A: From Shakespeare to Sheridan

HIST 329A: The Family in European History

HIST 330A: The Celtic World

HIST 331A: Early Modern Europe, 1450-1640

HIST 332: The French Revolution

HIST 332A: Medieval Paris

HIST 367: Empires, Indians, and Colonists in America

HIST 370: Religion, Politics, and Society in the Early Modern World

HIST 371A: Colonial Latin America

HIST 371C: Cuba: From Colony to Cold War

HIST 375: Revolutionary America and the Early Republic

HIST 380A: Medieval Ireland

HIST 380B: The Capetian Dynasty

HIST 380D: Ireland, 1541-1800

HIST 410: Persecution and Tolerance in the Medieval Mediterranean

HIST 412: Martin Luther and the Reformation in Germany

HIST 413: English Crime, 1200-1800

HIST 415: Civility, Savagery, and Rebellion

HIST 422: Magna Carta in England and America