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  • Jerry Muller’s  books, articles, and current research are on the border between history, social science, philosophy, and public policy. He writes and teaches about a variety of historical and contemporary subjects, including capitalism; nationalism; conservatism; the history of social, political, economic, and religious thought; and modern German and Jewish history.

    In Spring, 2024, The Journal of Applied Corporate Finance reprinted five of Jerry Muller's essays that put capitalism into broad historical, social scientific, and philosophical contexts. They are "The Neglected Moral Benefits of the Market"  "Capitalism and Inequality," "Nationalism and Capitalism," "The Threat of Democracy to Capitalism," and "Capitalism and the Jews Revisited." Click here for a .pdf file containing all five essays.

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    Selected Publications

    • Professor of Apocalypse

      Professor of Apocalypse

      Jerry Z. Muller, Professor of Apocalypse: The Many Lives of Jacob Taubes (Princeton University Press, 2022)

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    • The Tyranny of Metrics

      The Tyranny of Metrics

      Jerry Z. Muller, The Tyranny of Metrics (Princeton University Press, 2018)

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    • Capitalism and the Jews

      Capitalism and the Jews

      Jerry Z. Muller, Capitalism and the Jews (Princeton University Press, 2010)

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    • The Mind and the Market

      The Mind and the Market

      Jerry Z. Muller, The Mind and the Market: Capitalism in Modern European Thought (Knopf, 2002)

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    • Conservatism: An Anthology

      Conservatism: An Anthology

      Jerry Z. Muller, Conservatism: An Anthology of Social and Political Thought from David Hume to the Present (Princeton University Press, 1997)

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    • Adam Smith in His Time and Ours

      Adam Smith in His Time and Ours

      Jerry Z. Muller, Adam Smith in His Time and Ours: Designing the Decent Society (The Free Press, 1993)

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    • The Other God that Failed

      The Other God that Failed

      Jerry Z. Muller, The Other God that Failed: Hans Freyer and the Deradicalization of German Conservatism (Princeton University Press, 1987)

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